My Craft:

All of my pots are handcrafted and uniquely made with great attention to both function and aesthetics.  I enjoy a combination of wheel throwing and hand-building throughout my work; I seldom throw a pot on the wheel and leave it untouched post-throw.  I alter thrown pots and use various slips and mark makings on their surfaces after throwing the form on the wheel.  I use both porcelain and stoneware, fire to cone 6, and make all of my glazes in my studio.  Each piece is completely one of a kind.  Even if a pot is part of a set or large quantity, variations occur in size, form, glaze and motifs.  More importantly, I treat each piece I make as a unique work of art - making it the best I can, and always striving to be attentive to each pot's unique form, contour, and aesthetic.  As one of my mentors always says - "knowing when to stop is one of the marks of a great artist."  And in that spirit, I take care to create to the aesthetic I aim for, yet never push a piece beyond its point of authentic beauty.


  • Is my Claire Parrish Pottery Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, and/or Food Safe? .......... YES, YES, AND YES!!   :)  All glazes are made in my studio and are food safe, lead free, and non-toxic.  The pottery has been fired to around 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can definitely take the heat of a dishwasher or microwave.  :)
  • Can I put my CPPottery in the oven or on the stove top........ NO - the oven and especially the stove top tend to heat up too dramatically for the pots and this could cause cracking in the clay from thermal shock. 

Works for Sale:

Below I have described terms that you may see listed in the product descriptions or elsewhere on the site. 

One of a Kind:  If this phrase is listed under a product, it means that this particular product will not be a "regular" type of cup or mug, etc that I make, and in some cases, can't easily be repeated if at all.  One beautiful aspect of ceramics and most hand-derived arts is that many times things are created that simply cannot be repeated - at least not easily or authentically.  If you are interested in multiples of an item that is listed as "One of a Kind", it most likely won't be exactly what you see photographed, but could potentially be made just slightly different - who knows, it may lead to something better!  Please feel free to contact me if you have such inquiries, I am always open to talk! 

Currently Available:  This means that there is a specific quantity of the specified piece already made and that is ready to ship once an order is placed.  It also means that orders for quantities over the amount listed as "Currently Available" are very possible, they will just take from 2-8 weeks to be made and shipped.  Such orders (those above the amount listed as Currently Available) are considered Custom Orders (below) *Slight variations from pieces photographed will occur.

Pre-Orders (or Custom Orders):  These are orders for a certain quantity over the amount listed as Currently Available.  *These orders can be made at any time!  The pieces made will be very similar to the photographed piece, yet please know everything I make is handmade and one of a kind and slight variations will occur. I can make pieces that are very similar to ones made before (if labeled as so) and that are compatible with each other.  I would love to be able to supply your home, family member, friend, or event with one of a kind works of art to be enjoyed.  Please don't hesitate to ask if a certain quantity of one of my works can be made, and if possible, I would love to accommodate your desire! * Please read the products' additional information located below its main description for further details. 

Commissions are different from Pre-Orders/Custom Orders in that I would be creating something for you that is different from any piece photographed on this site.  It could be different due to a personalization, size, design etc.  I would gladly speak with you about any ideas you may have!  As I am also a sculptor, please don't hesitate to inquire about either functional or sculptural ceramic commissions.  I do have limitations based on my kiln size, materials, and business, yet I love hearing of others ideas and would love to be a part of making yours a reality.  Please Contact me (HERE) with any inquiries or ideas! 

       *For Commissions, I will create a custom listing for you on my website, after-which, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon placing your order. The remaining balance and shipping are due before the final delivery. There are no returns or exchanges on Commissions unless received broken (please see notes below on return/exchange policy).  I will let you know of an estimated turn around time upon contacting me for the commission.  Thank you! 

Sold:  If an item is listed as Sold, yet you are interested in making an order, please contact me via my contact page HERE.  Please include the name of the item and the quantity you are interested in and I will see if it is possible for me to create something similar for you.  (Please see details above on One of a Kind works for further details).  *Please know that Custom Orders may take 2-8 weeks to process and ship. 

0 Currently Available: If an item is listed as 0 Currently Available, don't worry, you can go ahead and order more!  Please see the details below the items main description about Custom Orders for information & instructions on how to order more.  *Also, Please know that Custom Orders may take 2-8 weeks to process and ship and that slight variations from the piece(s) photographed will occur. 



*All Domestic (US) orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and you will receive an email with tracking information within 24 hours after your package is shipped.  Prices listed are USPS prices (based on weight, dimensions, and distance) and an additional, yet very small, percentage for packaging materials.  If listed as One of a Kind or the quantity you desire is Currently Available, I will package and ship the pieces within 1-3 business days.   

*At the moment I am not selling internationally and do apologize for any inconvenience! 

If it is a Pre-Order or Custom Order, the piece(s) will be created and shipped within 2-8 weeks.  (Unless you contacted me for a particularly large quantity, in which case it could very well take longer - I will give you an estimate upon contact). 

We cannot guarantee delivery times or dates, items typically arrive anywhere from 2-7 business days after the date of shipment.  Please contact me if you are interested in upgrading to an expedited shipping. 

I use new, used, recyclable, and recycled materials for shipping in order to cut down on costs and limit my carbon footprint.  CPP does not make any profit on shipping.  All shipping costs go directly to pay for the shipping itself and the packaging materials.  In the event that there is a significant overage, I will send you a refund.  Sometimes this occurs when ordering multiple items - If this is the case for you and you are concerned the shipping is abnormally high, please write this in the Notes for your order or contact me and I will look into the costs and potentially send you a partial refund. 


Claire Parrish Pottery is a made-to-order ceramics business and I begin working to create your items shortly after your order is place (unless listed as Currently Available or One of a Kind).  As a result, once a Custom Order is placed and items go into production, any modification or cancellation of the order, may result in a forfeiture of amounts already paid.  Once I begin making an item, I cannot make changes to the order, unless those changes are to make more. 

I am committed to providing beautiful handcrafted one of a kind works of art to be enjoyed and used for a lifetime. I am passionate about each piece I make and want you to be equally as excited about your new purchase.  Upon arrival, if I have failed to provide you with what you hoped to receive, I will honor a 14 day return or exchange (for an item of equal or lesser value) policy. This does not include Commissions or certain quantities of Custom Orders unless such orders were received broken or damaged.  

For returns or exchanges, the items must be returned unused and in the same condition in which they arrived.  Please return your unused item in its original condition and packaging within two weeks of receipt.  Please request a return or exchange via my contact page HERE. Unless your item is received damaged, or there was some error on our part, you will be responsible for all return or exchange shipping costs.  Refunds will not be issued in full for items damaged in return shipping or returns that we never receive, therefore we highly recommend that you insure your return shipments and provide us with the shipment tracking number.  Thank you! 

If in the event a piece arrives damaged, I will gladly accept a return or exchange (for an item of equal value).  Please notify Claire Parrish Pottery within 5 days of receipt for damaged or broken items.  If you should observe significant damage to the outer packaging, please reject the shipment and have the carrier return it, and please let me know if this incident within 5 days of receipt. 

*For Commissions or large quantities of Custom Orders:  I do not offer a refund on such orders.  Each piece is handcrafted and no two items are identical.  Especially if it is an item I cannot resell or a specified large amount (see individual product descriptions), I can't offer a return or exchange unless the order arrives broken. 


For any inquires regarding my works, policies, or sales, please contact me via the Contact Page on this website, HERE.