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Select pieces by Claire Parrish can be found in the gallery space of Shockoe Bottom Clay on Main St. in Shockoe Bottom just East of Downtown Richmond. Voted the Number One art gallery of Richmond in 2017 by the Richmond Times Dispatch! Love my friends and fellow clay artists of Shockoe Bottom Clay! 

View more about SBC and their hours on their website:

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1006 Lafayette Street, Richmond, VA 23221

House of Floralie is an amazing new store in Richmond, Virginia that I have personally fallen in love with. Located next to our beloved Stella's restaurant, the House of Floralie is THE place to go in RVA for the perfect, one of a kind, gifts for him or her. Thrilled to be a part of this amazing store.   

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 Photo credit: Home Remedies, Maine website:

Photo credit: Home Remedies, Maine website:

Starting in October, 2017, Home Remedies began selling Claire Parrish Pottery in their beautiful store in the heart of Portland, Maine. Home Remedies was named one of the best home decor stores in 2017 by Architectural Digest:

Visit Home Remedies website here:

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 Images from Under The Pecan Tree; Photo cred:

Images from Under The Pecan Tree; Photo cred:

Under the Pecan Tree began selling Claire Parrish Pottery in October, 2017 as well! This store is close to my heart because I grew up - from the day I was born, until the day I went to college - in Dunwoody, GA. Dunwoody is an incredibly special place in my heart and I'm thrilled to be a part of a store so close to home. ;) 

Visit Under the Pecan Tree's website:

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BREAD & BUTTER - Covington, GA

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I'm thrilled to now be a part of Bread & Butter Bakery in Covington, Georgia!  This beautiful Bakery located right in the town square of Covington not only serves delicious bakes, they also stand for a lot of things I love and admire. Their elephant logo stands for strength & mindfulness and these qualities are exhibited within their store as they encourage others to be strong and mindful as well. Bread & Butter uses local products & talent to support the efforts of the Georgia Grown program developed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture & used by non-processed agriculture grown in GA to bring together producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to help create a more powerful, statewide agricultural community.  I'm all for it! 


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CULTIVATONS.COM - Philadelphia, PA


CPP says Farewell to CITIZEN SUPPLY!

It was an incredible honor to be a part of this amazing store located within the wonderful Ponce City Market of Atlanta! The mission of Citizen Supply is to expose up and coming artisans to the world, to give them a chance to be seen, heard, and appreciated within a highly recognized and favored marketplace of Ponce City Market. In efforts to keep this mission running, Citizen Supply rotates artisans in and out of it's store to continue to pass the torch and give exposure to the continuous supply of rising artisans in this vibrant market. Citizen Supply's mission was fulfilled with Claire Parrish Pottery throughout my time there. Being a vendor with Citizen led to many great connections and incredible exposure for CPPottery, and I'm so grateful to the amazing Citizen Supply staff for supplying ;) this opportunity for a full year! A writer of the Atlanta Journal Constitution saw my work at Citizen Supply and then contacted me directly to ask if she could write an article about my work. A buyer for an incredible home decor store in Portland, Maine, Home Remedies, saw my work at Citizen Supply and contacted me to ask if I would consider selling my work through her store, and I am! (see deets above!) :) And most importantly, every single month I would receive texts, emails, Instagram tags or messages, snap chats, or Facebook tags/messages from friends and clients who had been to Citizen Supply to see my work. Citizen Supply provided the opportunity for my Atlanta friends, family, and clients to interact with my work in person, and for that I am forever grateful! And this will now continue to be a possibility through Under the Pecan Tree of Dunwoody!!  So thankful to Citizen for providing me these an many more wonderful opportunities!

Interested in Citizen Supply? Check them out at Ponce City Market, 2nd floor, above West Elm

675 Ponce de Leon Ave. Atlanta, GA 30308