Richmond Studio

Studio #25

My beloved Richmond studio where I started making art for a living.


This is where I spent many a day and night figuring out how to do this thing and make a dream a reality. I'm so grateful for my three years spent in this gracious space. I was blessed by this studio in many ways. It is perfectly suited for the needs of starting a pottery business - great lighting for photos & general happiness, concrete floors for the intentional & unintentional messes, a balance of privacy amongst community for the necessary solitude as well as needed camaraderie, and a great location that got me out of the house and a part of a budding city that is ecstatic about small local businesses.  

Studio #25 at Plant Zero will always stay close to my heart. I'm so glad and grateful for the many ups and downs spent here. And I'm looking so forward to venturing on to a home studio in Savannah. CanNOT wait to share my new studio space in GA with you all. It's the start of something I've looked forward to for some time now. Cheers to the old & new.

This slideshow below shows includes more images of my first pottery studio. I'd never shared this much of my studio before. It's grown over three years and I must say this is the tidiest it's ever been. ;) So grateful for this space.