I have always loved to make things and dreamed of being an artist when I was a kid. If you had told me when I started college that I would continue making art right out of college and start my own art business, I wouldn't have believed you and would think you were pretty hilarious. I'm so excited that my dream has become a reality and feel very fortunate to be in this position. I hope to keep it alive and continue to be an artist first, business woman second - keeping my core motive and passion at the core.

I first started learning about clay in high school with Atlanta Potter, Bill Buckner, at Marist School. I was the girl with clay splattered all over my plaid skirt and knee highs... but I loved it. I didn't mind the mess and fell in love with the medium. It was there, from age 15-18, that I began to learn that the process of making clay isn't easy - it takes great patience, focus, care, and humility. I also began to learn how ceramics is a medium that innately calls for community and camaraderie, both in the making and the enjoying of pottery. And on an artistic level, I loved and still love how handcrafted pottery speaks to the graceful combination of beauty and function. 



I studied ceramics for 5 years at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia under Ted Saupe, Sunkoo Yuh, Georgia Strange, Chris Robinson, Kyungmin Park, and Maria Dondero. At UGA, I learned everything I hold fast to today about the art and craft of ceramics, and even more about myself as an artist and person. I am incredibly grateful for the unique opportunity I had at UGA to also learn from various accomplished contemporary ceramic artists including Michael Simon, Ron Meyers, Tony Clennell, Tony marsh, and Arthur Gonzalez. I will always cherish the many hours, days, weeks, and years spent at the UGA studio, all that I learned and the amazing friendships I made. 

In May 2015, I graduated from UGA with a BFA in Ceramics, a BFA in Art Education, and a Minor in Art History. I married the love of my life in June that summer and moved to Richmond, VA where I now live with my husband, Drew. 



I love Richmond, Virginia. It is a city teeming with talented artists of every medium, style, and age. RVA also has a fantastic community of art appreciators/lovers, which was very exciting to be a part of as a young artist, especially as I began my career. Although I loved my first and second homes, Atlanta and Athens, GA, I was so blessed to be in Richmond, Virginia for three incredible years. Even though my husband's job initially brought us there, I couldn't have hand-picked a better place for me to start my career and life out of school. 

While in RVA, I made work in a studio space at Plant Zero Artist Studios. It's a great space full of a large variety of awesome artisans and people. I also taught ceramics to adults and youth at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. These opportunities were a huge blessing and I'm so grateful for all that God led me to in Richmond. 


My husband and I moved to Savannah, GA in August 2018, and it has been fantastic. Savannah is a place he and I have dreamed of living in since the very early years of our relationship, which began in 2010, so we are thrilled to finally be turning a long-time dream into a reality. I’ve been blessed by new connections with artists and art lovers here in Savannah, and cannot wait to continue to deepen those relationships and become a part of the community here. Savannah is a beautiful city full of history and culture. We are also thrilled to be much closer to both of our families an many of our friends! God is good!


If you're interested in seeing my sculptural work, it can be found on my Portfolio website here: www.claireparrish.com. Feel free to contact me if interested in any pieces on that site!