I would be absolutely honored to provide you and your beau with one-of-a-kind handcrafted pottery for your new home together!

Whether it is a few special items you are interested in or full place-settings, I can create a one-of-a-kind Registry of my work tailor-made just for you!  I also create a Registry webpage for your pieces on this website with a link that you can send to your loved ones and/or post on your wedding website! :) make everything from full place settings and matching serving pieces to select specialty items for my brides. There is no registry too small with Claire Parrish Pottery. I have made 6 different registries to date, and they are each unique to the happy couple!  Feel free to peruse the current registries (seen when hovering over the REGISTER tab) to see what other CPP brides have registered for! 

My Personal Experience:  As a newly wed myself, one of my most prized new married-life possessions is our beautiful Everyday Ware made by a sweet, beautiful artist, friend, mentor, and clay-hero of mine - Maria Dondero of Athens, GA.  My husband and I LOVE having work that is not only beautiful and crafted by a lovely artist, but that is also completely one of a kind, and made just for us! The pieces are all Maria, yet have a bit of "Claire & Drew" flare as we requested certain motifs and styles of hers that she threw together into the most beautiful collection.  

Please contact me using the form below about your interest, and we can begin discussing your very own Claire Parrish Pottery Registry!!  

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Please contact me at least 4 months before your wedding date. Thank you!